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Q1)What causes hair loss?
A) Basically there are three major contributors to androgenetic alopecia along with a
sub-set of additional factors, which can be traced back to:
1) Genetics 2) Hormonal issues 3) Nutrition It is important to remember that hair follicles are among the fastest growing cells in the body and demand an inordinate amount of energy, (e.g. blood supply and nutrients). Conversely, the survival mechanism of the body does not regard hair as being essential. Therefore, when the major organs are threatened due to illness, stress or disease, the body will channel the energy claimed by the hair follicle to those organs; sacrificing the hair. Usually, when the underlying cause has been successfully treated the hair will grow back.

Q2) Does hair loss come from the maternal side of the family?

Q3) Why am I bald and not one person in our entire family has hair loss, on either side?

Q4) What is DHT and does it cause hair loss?

Q5) What are the most effective hair growth treatments?

Q6) Can stress cause hair loss?

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